The Best Most Awful Job edited by Katherine May

Hello and happy Monday  🌞 Today I’m sharing my thoughts on The Best Most Awful Job edited by Katherine May 💫 ✨ Synopsis Motherhood is life-changing. Joyful. Disorientating. Overwhelming. Intense on every level. It’s the best, most awful job. The Best, Most Awful Job brings together twenty bold and brilliant women to speak about motherhood in allContinue reading “The Best Most Awful Job edited by Katherine May”

Shelf Respect by Annie Austen

Today, for my ‘last minute (bookish) Christmas gifts’ post, I thought it rather apt to pick a book about books!   Synopsis There’s no such thing as too many books, simply not enough to places to put them. Decluttering is all the rage, but what do you do when your preferred interior decor is milesContinue reading “Shelf Respect by Annie Austen”

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