The Family Holiday by Elizabeth Noble

Hello and happy Monday! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on The Family Holiday by Elizabeth Noble as part of the #blogtour 💫 ✨ Synopsis The Chamberlain family used to be close. Charlie and Daphne were happily married, and their children Laura, Scott and Nick were inseparable. But then, inevitably, the children grew up and theirContinue reading “The Family Holiday by Elizabeth Noble”

This is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Lee

Story Book Sunday 👧🏽👧🏽📚♥️ Last night we read This is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Lee. 💫 ✨ Synopsis This is Crab. Join him for a cl-awesome adventure and explore the wonders of the ocean. Readers will want to dive right in to this humorous, interactive book again and again. Our Thoughts Well thisContinue reading “This is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Lee”

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