Summerwater by Sarah Moss

Hello bookish friends!  Today it’s my pleasure to be sharing my #WhatsTurningMyPages review of Summerwater by Sarah Moss with you! ✨ Synopsis From the acclaimed author of Ghost Wall, Summerwateris a devastating story told over twenty-four hours in the Scottish highlands, and a searing exploration of our capacity for both kinship and cruelty in these dividedContinue reading “Summerwater by Sarah Moss”

Jack and Bet by Sarah Butler

Hello and happy Tuesday!   It’s my stop on the blogtour for Jack and Bet by Sarah Butler and I’m delighted to share my thoughts with you on it✨   Synopsis Even the longest marriages have their secrets . . . Jack Chalmers is a man of few words, married to a woman of many. HeContinue reading “Jack and Bet by Sarah Butler”

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