I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll

Welcome to my late night stop on the #blogtour for I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll!  I’ve heard many good things about this book in the build up to release, so am delighted to be an early reader. Synopsis Every Wednesday, like clockwork, the terror returns. It seems like an ordinary Wednesday, untilContinue reading “I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll”

A House of Ghosts by W.C Ryan

Welcome to my stop on the #blogtour for A House of Ghosts by W.C Ryan!  I love a good ghost story so was delighted when I got the opportunity to read this. Synopsis Winter 1917. As the First World War enters its most brutal phase, back home in England, everyone is seeking answers to theContinue reading “A House of Ghosts by W.C Ryan”

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