The Quickening by Rhiannon Ward

Happy Wednesday!  Here’s my Publication Day blogtour review of The Quickening by Rhiannon Ward


An infamous seance. A house burdened by grief. A secret that can no longer stay buried.

England, 1925. Louisa Drew lost her husband in the First World War and her six-year-old twin sons in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Newly re-married and seven months pregnant, Louisa is asked by her employer to travel to Clewer Hall in Sussex to photograph the contents of the house for auction. Desperate for money after falling on hard times, she accepts the commission.

On arrival, she learns Clewer Hall was host to an infamous séance in 1896, the consequences of which still haunt the family. Before the Clewer’s leave England for good, the lady of the house has asked those who attended the original séance to recreate the evening. Louisa soon becomes embroiled in the strange happenings of the house, unravelling the longheld secrets of what happened that night thirty years before… and discovers her own fate is entwined with Clewer Hall’s.

An exquisitely crafted mystery that invites the reader into the crumbling Clewer Hall to help unlock its secrets alongside the unforgettable Louisa Drew.



My Thoughts


Before I talk about this book, can we please just take a moment to appreciate the majesty of that absolutely beautiful booksleeve!  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve found myself swishing it so the gold catches the light 😂


I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, particularly that of the gothic variety and if you add “feminist writing” and a haunted house into the mix then I am sold sold sold!  It’s a dream combination!


The Quickening is a book that whispers its secrets from the opening paragraphs.  I was drawn in to the spooky ambiance created by Ward’s words and entranced by the ghostly goings on at Clewer Hall from the beginning.  If you enjoy a hint of the supernatural – then this is the book for you!


The Quickening has some fantastic characters and I was fascinated by the mystery and intrigue that Ward cleverly created with her beautiful use of language; I could smell every snuffed out candle, feel every chill and hear the wolf-like howling of the wind outside.


A well crafted, eerie and chilling read; The Quickening is the perfect book to cosy up with in this unseasonably miserable weather 🔥


The Quickening is out now in hardcover  And you can buy it here  My thanks go to Alex Layt and Trapeze Books for the invitation to the blogtour and my beautiful copy💫


.Until next time! Have a wonderful day!



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