Goodnight World by Nicola Edwards and Hannah Tolson

This week we’ve been reading Goodnight World by Nicola Edwards and Hannah Tolson, together 


    • When the day’s at an end, up to bed we will go,
    • The sky becomes dusky and so the night grows.
    • When the bright golden sun sheds the last of its light,
    • We turn to each other and we say, “Goodnight!”

Learn how to say goodnight in a variety of world languages as you share this gentle rhyming bedtime read with your little one.


Our Thoughts


What a lovely looking book! The cover depicts diverse families who look ready for bed, under a dark and twinkly night sky, saying goodnight to each other in multiple languages.


Goodnight World is full of gorgeous bedtime illustrations, featuring families from all over the world going about their bedtime routines before saying “goodnight” to one another.  My Littles really enjoyed pointing out familiar parts of their routines and discussing parts that were different to their own bedtimes.


With its lovely lilting, rhyming text throughout; Goodnight World is great to read quietly at bedtime.  For us, this book is an absolute winner because the Littles loved loved LOVED repeating “goodnight” in the eleven different languages used in this book.  Goodnight World is such a fun introduction to the different languages of the world and the inclusion of phonetic spellings ensured that Mummy and Daddy were pronouncing things properly!


An educational and beautifully illustrated bedtime must-read; Goodnight World is requested time and time again in the Cooke House and it is always a pleasure to read it.


Goodnight World is out now in paperback and you can buy it here.  Our thanks go to Little Tiger Books for our beautiful review copy.

Until next time! Have a wonderful day!





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