The Cabinet of Calm by Paul Anthony Jones

Hello bookish friends!  We’re at the end of May, which has been Mental Health Awareness Month.  


I am a huge fan of words, and so was delighted when Ella Chapman and Elliot and Thompson kindly gifted me a copy of The Cabinet of Calm by Paul Anthony Jones.


Sometimes we all need a little reminder that it’s going to be okay… Open The Cabinet of Calm to discover a comforting word that’s equal to your troubles.

The Cabinet of Calm has been designed to be picked up whenever you need a moment of serenity. Just select the emotion listed that reflects whatever you’re feeling and you’ll be offered a matching linguistic remedy: fifty-one soothing words for troubled times.

These kind words – alongside their definitions and their stories – will bring peace, comfort and delight, and provide fresh hope.

Written with a lightness of touch, The Cabinet of Calm shows us that we’re not alone. Like language, our emotions are universal: someone else has felt like this before and so there’s a word to help, whatever the challenge.

So much more than a book of words, The Cabinet of Calm will soothe your soul and ease your mind. It’s the perfect gift.


My Thoughts

This book is for those moments where calm is required.  I’ve had such a lovely afternoon sitting in the sunshine dipping into it and choosing some favourite words and sayings, and A Cabinet of Calm really does radiate the message of not being alone; it has a word to help, whatever the challenge.


Here are some of my favourites:

“Cultellation” – for when you’re feeling overwhelmed

“Interfulgent” – for when you’re feeling bleak or you lack hope

“Meliorism” – for when you’re worried about the future of the world


It has been Mental Health Awareness Month here in the UK and with everything that is currently going on in our world, it is more important than ever to be kind and look out for one another – just a quick “hi, how are you?” message or call can make the world of difference to someone who might be struggling.


As always, my DM’s on all my social media channels are always open to anyone for whatever reason; I’ve made some really wonderful friends from a mutual love of books on here and am so grateful for all of the new friendships I have made. ♥️


A Cabinet of Calm is out now and I think it’s an essential read and the most beautiful of gifts in the times we currently find ourselves.

Have a lovely day all!

Sukhy x

Until next time! Have a wonderful day!





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