The Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott

Welcome to my stop on the #blogtour for The Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott.  I have been looking forward to reading this book for months and I have not been disappointed!



In the aftermath of war, everyone is searching for answers
An epic novel of forbidden love, loss, and the shattered hearts left behind in the wake of the First World War

1921. The Great War is over and families are desperately trying to piece together the fragments of their broken lives. While many survivors have been reunited with their loved ones, Edie’s husband Francis has not come home. He was declared ‘missing, believed killed’ during the war, but when Edie receives a mysterious photograph in the post, taken by Francis, hope flares. And so she begins to search.

Francis’s brother, Harry, is also searching. Hired by grieving families to photograph gravesites, he has returned to the Western Front. As Harry travels through battle-scarred France, gathering news for British wives and mothers, he longs for Francis to be alive, so they can forgive each other for the last conversation they ever had.

And as Harry and Edie’s paths converge, they begin to get closer to a startling truth.

An incredibly moving account of an often-forgotten moment in history, The Photographer of the Lost tells the story of the thousands of soldiers who were lost amid the chaos and ruins, and the even greater number of men and women desperate to find them again.

My Thoughts

This book!  Wow.  Where to even begin?

Firstly, Scott’s writing style took my breath away; both powerful and luminous, it made the story all the more effective and I willingly allowed her eloquent words to wash over me as I slowly savoured the beautiful prose.

This was an emotionally challenging read; dealing with guilt, grief and loss and I’d be lying if I said if I didn’t feel overcome by it at times.  However, whilst death and despair dominate, ultimately a message of hope lies within this book and there is no better time to read it than on the cusp of Remembrance Sunday.

A highly anticipated read in my calendar; I found it to be honest, thought provoking and poignant.  A heartbreaking tale, steeped in sadness, that made me sit up and remember that whilst this is fiction; reality rears its ugly head between every single one of its pages.

The Photographer of the Lost is a deeply moving, soulful and breathtaking novel; stunning in every way.  I expect it’s haunting pages to stay with me for many years to come.

The Photographer of the Lost is out now in paperback and you can buy it here

My thanks go to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for my invitation to the #blogtour and also to Jessica Barratt of Simon & Schuster for my beautiful, proof copy in exchange for my honest review.  If you enjoyed my post, please do check out my others, and also the other stops on the #blogtour (see below).

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