Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks



I am delighted to be a stop on the #blogtour for the new Heidi Perks book; Come Back For Me!  The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that today isn’t my stop on the #blogtour and that this post is in fact over week late!  I do apologise – I have been away and am currently catching up on multiple posts.  I do hope that the plethora of beach photos (and the fact that I loved this book) make up for my tardiness!




A tiny island community is stunned by the discovery of a long-buried body.

For Stella Harvey the news is doubly shocking. The body has been found in the garden of her childhood home – the home her family fled without explanation twenty-five years ago.

Now, questioning her past and desperate to unearth the truth, Stella returns to the isolated island. But she quickly finds that the community she left isn’t as welcoming as she remembers – and that people in it will go to any length to protect their secrets.

One thing rings true…
You can’t bury the truth forever.


My Thoughts

Wow. This was a read and a half! Opening (to my audible delight!) with a map, I knew I was going to love this book.  So many secrets, so many lies; this addictive family mystery kept me furiously turning the pages way past my bedtime.

Come Back For Me is set on a remote (and frankly creepy) island whose silence and isolation gives the whole story a very sinister edge.  An island where people escape to, but also escape from; this book had secrets whispering through the pages and had me racing through this fast paced and beautifully atmospheric thriller at top speed.

The narrative consists of short, sharp chapters and ducks back and forth between 1993 and the present day. Full of frighteningly believable characters and with guilt and honesty reverberating around the pages, I was totally consumed by this book, obsessed even, and was breathlessly turning the pages til the end.

This was a deeply thought provoking read where I was left wondering; if everyone had been honest from the start, would any of this have happened?  The story explodes with a crescendo of revelations between the two sisters and just when you think you have it all figured out and you assume you’re on the home stretch of the story, Perks slaps you around the face with an artfully placed curve ball which leaves you floundering in deep water and struggling to breath.

Full of mystery, suspense and a horrible sense of foreboding; this secretive saga is not to be missed this Summer!

Come Back For Me is out now in both hardback and ebook format and you can buy it  here

My thanks go to Rachel Kennedy and Arrow Publishing for my lovely proof copy and also for the invitation to the #blogtour.  If you enjoyed my review, please do check out my other posts and also the other stops on the #blogtour (see below).

Until next time!




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