The Good Mayor by Andrew Nicoll

I was thrilled to be a stop on the #blogtour for the re-release of The Good Mayor – this book is an international bestseller and has been published in 23 countries so I knew I was in for a cracking good read!



Every morning, Mayor Tibo Krovic stops off at the local café on his way to work. He drinks his Viennese coffee with extra figs, leaves a bag of sweets for the owner, and then continues on to his office. There he awaits the arrival of his secretary: the beautiful, married, but lonely, Agathe Stopak.

In the respectable town of Dot, there is nothing the good Mayor Tibo can do about his love for Mrs Stopak. Until one day Agathe accidentally drops her lunch into the fountain and a family tragedy is revealed. In that moment, everything changes.

The Good Mayor is a magical story of fate and chance, of loss and love.


My Thoughts

I have to say I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this book and found myself utterly charmed and delighted upon finishing it.  It is essentially a romance novel, but (for me) one which elevates itself above others in this genre by encompassing an in-depth exploration of love and its associated pain.

There is an underlying yet deep sadness throughout the book; where Agathe finds herself unloved, but through no fault of her own.  I truly felt for her.  I also found myself really rooting for poor Tibo from the get go and particularly enjoyed and embraced the element of magic in the story.

This novel was complex, yet delicate and broached the fragility of love and its effect on human nature.  A poignant and emotionally involving tale, which left me wondering how large a part fate plays in the real world.

This book really does give you that “warm fuzzy feeling” but not in an annoying, sickly way.  A literary romance perhaps?  Distinguishing itself from the rest by the sheer breadth of emotions dealt with and also the lovely language used to describe them.


I thoroughly enjoyed The Good Mayor; if you enjoyed my review please do check out my other posts and also the other stops on the #blogtour (see below).  My thanks go to Black and White Publishing for the beautiful blogger pack containing my copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

The Good Mayor has been re-released in paperback to mark ten years since it won the Saltire First Book Award and you can buy it here






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