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Eye For Eye by J K Franko @annecater @CameronPMtweets @jk_franko #whatwouldYOUdo #blogtour

I am delighted to be a stop on the #blogtour for Eye For Eye – the perfect page turner!



Roy and Susie are on a skiing holiday, trying to take a break from the constant reminders of their daughter, tragically killed by a careless driver. Out of the blue they meet Deb and Tom, another couple with a tragic past and a shocking proposal to put things right.

As the bodies accumulate, secrets are revealed and alliances crumble. Ultimate survival depends on following the rules for a perfect murder.  And, the first and most important rule is… leave no singing bones.

From the back…


When I first met Susie, she appeared to be a normal, happily-married woman dealing with tragedy.

Then, I uncovered her secrets. While I could understand everything that she’d done, I could never approve.

But, knowing what she was capable of, it became clear that if I was going to survive her, I had to play by her rules.

And, the first and most important rule is… leave no singing bones.


My thoughts

This 400+ page book is really quite something. Finishing the final page, I initially wondered where on earth I was going to begin with my review.  It’s conversational tone and unusual documentary-style narrative hooked me in from the very beginning; it was clear that this would be a smart and compelling thriller.

If you’re looking for a twisty, addictive tale with secrets and lies aplenty, then this book is for you!  I enjoyed the colorful and vivid descriptions in this throughly dark story and whilst I have to admit to having no real affinity with the main characters (let’s face it, they’re not exactly model citizens!), they were well developed and thoroughly believable.

With ‘getting even’ being the order of the day it was impossible not to question myself about how I would act should I have been in Susie and Roy’s situation.  I really did feel like I had #whatwouldYOUdo racing through my mind whilst furiously turning the pages.

J K Franko has produced a fanatastic debut fiction novel with a very clear route to the next two books in this promising crime fiction trilogy and I am excited to find out what happens next.  A tightly plotted and well executed novel with a handful of Game of Thrones references to boot – what’s not to love?

My thanks go to Anne Cater and Cameron Publicity for sending me a proof copy in exchange for my honest review.

Eye For Eye is out now in paperback and you can buy it here

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